Double Duty

No other piece of furniture comes through in a pinch than the sofa bed.  It’s transformable qualities are especially welcome when couch-surfing guests or the in-laws pay a visit.  This machine for domestic living also serves as the last refuge from the incorrigible snorer.  The wonderful duality of the sofa-bed recently struck me as awesome.  It also made me contemplate other sofa-something combinations. 

Sharing a one bedroom apartment in New York City with my girlfriend makes me appreciate every square inch of living space.  Fitting the equivalent of a living room, dining area, and home office into one tiny room was daunting.  Even selecting a dining room table was agonizing for our lack of space.  But what if sofa and dining table could be integrated into a compact elegant solution?  Like the sofa-bed, the sofa-table (needs a better name) could free up space while providing needed functionality for tight living spaces.  Stay tuned for more!

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3 Responses to Double Duty

  1. Marty Liston says:

    I share a tiny apartment and not much room for furniture. I find myself eating in front of the TV often, but it would be great to have a table… my roommate likes throwing dinner parties. Looking forward to seeing the design!

  2. DaNaboo says:

    Hey Terrence, interesting idea… where’s the development? Have you seen this one?

    Now that’s a convertible sofa!

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